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How to Get Rid of Worms in Cats | Fluffy Kitty

How to Get Rid of Worms in Cats

Worms are almost always a fact of life for cat parents. How to get rid of worms in cats is ...
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Fluffy Kitty Guest Post | Loulou

Loulou Ships Out | Guest Post by Loulou & Suzanne

Today's guest post is by our pawsome furiends Loulou and maman Suzanne. The story features Loulou's exciting adventure traveling on ...
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Can Cats Eat Table Scraps? | Fluffy Kitty

Can Cats Eat Table Scraps? Holiday Foods You Can Share

Can cats eat table scraps? We tend to imagine that a bowl of kibbles isn't much fun. Therefore, particularly on ...
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Why Do Cat Scratches Itch and Swell? | Fluffy Kitty

Why Do Cat Scratches Itch and Swell?

If you've ever had a Kitten, you may have asked the question, "Why do cat scratches itch and swell?" Here ...
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how to cat proof your christmas tree

How to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree

There is no shortage of Holiday dangers around your house this Christmas. - here are just a few. But, unless you ...
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Best Christmas Gifts for Cats | Fluffy Kitty

What Are the Best Christmas Gifts for Cats?

At this time of year we get this question all the time: What are the best Christmas gifts for cats? ...
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